Hy Everybody,

First of all, I´m not sure if this is the correct newsgroup to put my
problem... So, I antecipate my apologizes....

My company is building a replication site based on Sybase Adaptive Server
11.9.2 and SQL Remote. All the distributed sites have dedicated internet
connection. So it´s not the ordinary SQL remote replication task with
interaction to do things like dial-up and invoke sql remote.

So, we want to start SQL remote, in fact, the Message Agent(ssremote.exe) as
a windows NT service.

SQL Anywhere has alternative to do this but Sybase Adaptiver Server doesn´t.
We tried to insert "ssremote.exe" manually in the NT registry.
But It does not work:

When we try to start the "ssremote service", the message agent begins a
normal execution and makes a complete process(receiving messages,
log to stable queue and sending messages). After this initial process, NT
freezes for a few
minutes and aborts the ssremote service and its execution.

I could put this message at a winnt newsgroup asking a question like "How to
execute .exe as a service?" but I don´t think that I´m the first Adaptive
Server SQL Remote user that wants to execute the message agent as Service.

Thanks in a advance.