I am working on a project where I have multi-page letters stored as
raw rich text in a SQL Server 2005 database varchar(max) column. I
would like to use the richtext edit style in a datawindow column to
print many letters as a single print job. I use autosize height on
both the column and the band. When I retrieve the text, the first page
displays correctly, but it will not display anything beyond the first
page of the letter. The height of the column seems to be the right
number of pages, but everything after the first page is blank.

Also, on letters that include an image (a small .png), the letter will
not display at all. This may be due to the length of the raw richtext
being over the limit for the column in the datawindow (with SQLNCLI
the limit appears to be 499,999 for a char type column). In either
case, the rich text displays just fine when I use pastertf() to put it
into a richtextedit control.

Any ideas on how to get the column to display the entire text of the