Dear All,

Has anyone configured the Sybase Security Services (LAN Manager NTLM, or
Kerberos) for use with ASE 11.5 running on Windows NT 4.0? I'm working from
the "Open Client/Server(TM) Configuration Guide for Desktop Platforms"
manual and I'm trying to configure the NTLM security service, now my
configuration files look like:

NLWNSCK=TCP Winsock TCP/IP Net-Library driver
NLMSNMP=NAMEPIPE Named Pipes Net-Library driver


How do the applications (eg. SQL Central, SQL Advantage, etc) know that they
are to use a security service for authentication? I get authentication
failure errors. I've noticed that the latest Sybase ODBC drivers include a
parameter for Security Service however when I configure this I get the
following error when I try to use the ODBC driver:

ct_con_props(SET): security service layer: internal security control layer
error: Security mechanism OID not found.

I realise it is possible to use the integrated security feature on NT,
however this requires Named Pipes and is only designed for a single domain.
I'm looking for a solution that works with TCP and multiple domains.

I welcome any comments you may have.

Allan Taunt
Global Information Solutions
New Zealand.