I have tried and tried to get my 11.1.1 OpenClient to work with ADO, ASP and
IIS4 but the combination hasn't worked very well so far. I can get it to
work, but it's very unstable.

For example, I have a page that lists data from a simple SELECT statement.
If I load the page after IIS4 has just been started, it works perfectly.
But if I refresh the browser causing the query to be issued a second time,
it never works.

I have tried upgrading my ADO to the latest release (MDAC 1.5) and I've
installed the EBF-7729 that is supposed to address OpenClient/ADO issues. I
have tried doing the scripting using VBScript, JScript and PerlScript -- all
have the same result. I've tried enabling ADO connection caching, which
perhaps just made the problem worse. I've done everything I can think of to
try to resolve this problem.

What's annoying is that if I run the script as a standalone script at the
command line, it will work properly every time.

Are there any additional EBFs for this OpenClient that could help? Can
anyone give me some assurances that I can make this work? Has anyone had
similar problems and found a solution to them? Why is getting data from
Sybase to IIS4 so hard?!?