I'm trying to define a proxy with the following function in PB10.2.1
public subroutine of_set_fields(powerobject ap_object, string
as_fields, any values[]) alias for "..."

But every time I try and call it with a valid powerobject, and an
array that isn't empty, I get this application error (when run from
the debugger);
"Object passed to shared/remote object method is not a nonvisual user
object at line ..."

This error occurs before my InvokeRemoteMethod is called, so I'm
pretty sure it has nothing to do with my marshaller code.

I've tried removing the powerobject or any[] arguments, and the error
went away. It seems I can pass a powerobject or an any[] to a proxied
function but not both.

Has anyone seen anything like this before? Or knows if it's been fixed
in a later version?
(not that I have much hope of being allowed to upgrade just to fix