I'm running Powerbuilder 11.2 (also tested 11.5) under Vista Business
x64. I'm having a major issue with retrieval arguments in the
datawindow designer. This affects existing and new datawindows.

If I open an existing datawindow, and there are 2 retrieval arguments,
modifying the retrieval arguments shows the first argument, with a
blank second argument. If there are three arguments, I will see 3
rows, but the second will be blank, and in the third spot will
actually be the second argument.
It's as if it's off by one in it's internal array or whatever.
This is backed up by what happens when creating a new datawindow.

- Create a datawindow
- Pull up the retrieval arguments window
- Add a retrieval argument, Accept
This will work just fine, if you try to add a second argument it will
complain the the name/length of the retrieval argument is invalid.

The workaround is to add a third argument, leave the second blank, and
add what you want as your second argument into the third row. Then you
must select and delete the second row. This will leave you with your
first argument in the first row, and a blank second row. However, you
can save successfully at this point. If you go back to the designer
and retrieve the datawindow, it will prompt you for your two

I'm going to be submitting this to Sybase but I wanted to know if
anyone else had already come across it. Thanks.