I'm having trouble with stored procedure update for datawindows. If
I'm using output parameters, update() method of datawindow returns 1
even if stored procedure fails.
I'm using PB 11.1 and connecting with OLE DB to MS SQL server 2005.
After profiling db, I found that problem was with syntax used to
execute sp and retrieve output parameters:
declare @p1 int
set @p1=value
exec sp_name @p1, @p2, ..., @pn
select @p1, @p2, ..., @pn
It is executed as a single RPC call and thus even if sp fails, select
at the end resets the error code so update() thinks it was successful.
Is it possible somehow to change this syntax? I didn't find anything
suspicious in pb.ini or pbodb110.ini.

Thanks in advance,