I have an application created by Powerbuilder version 9.02 and SQL
Server2005 as the database.
We used stored procedures to create datawindows.
This application has been used for more than 10 years. We keep all our
source code in a version manager produc called PVCS.
Recently, we wanted to modify the application. We checked out the
datawindows from PVCS and this action caused a big issue.

When the datawindows contain the column 'timestamp', I keep getting
the error message "Select error: Data-Conversion resulted in
overflow." to retrieve data. When I removed this colunm from the
datawindows, everything is OK. We used this column more than 10 years
in our application to check the updating, I don't know why the thing
happens now.

Any idea is warmly welcome.
Thank you very much in advance.