We are glad to inform you that the release of
PowerBatch 3.0 is available for download
at http://sqlbatch.com/pbc/download/

What is PowerBatch?
PowerBatch is a command line PowerBuilder/PocketBuilder
compiler. It can be used for batch compiling PowerBuilder
projects with a lot of useful options.

PowerBatch provides the following features:
- command line compiling mode
- support of PowerBuilder 5 - 10 and PocketBuilder 1.5/2.0
- automatic detection of installed PowerBuilder/PocketBuilder
- import existing PowerBuilder projects
- check for duplicate objects
- output files in any directory
- migration, regeneration or building of one or more
selected libs
- backward migration of application, including migration
from PB 10 to PB 6
- optimization of libraries
- support of XP style controls in PB application
- export source for objects, libraries, entire application
- import object source
- import unicode sources to non-unicode PowerBuilder application
- full (bootstrap) import from application sources
- delete objects
- support of FAR MultiArc plugin (in conjunction with
PBLDump utility shipped with PowerBatch)
- support of Perl scripts

What's New in PowerBatch 3.0 ?

***New PowerBuilder versions support***
PowerBatch introduces support for PowerBuilder 10
and PocketBuilder 1.5/2.0.

PowerBuilder 10 is Unicode enabled and PowerBatch
provides tools for migration to/from other non-Unicode
versions of PowerBuilder.

When used with PocketBuilder, PowerBatch can build
your application for any PocketPC platform your
PocketBuilder version supports.

***Automation support***
PowerBatch introduces support for PBL optimization.
Optimization is required when your libraries become
fragmented with time and therefore become larger and slower.
Automated daily or monthly optimization can avoid such problems.

PowerBatch now can manage your executable version
resources automatically. You can specify an INI file
for storing current version and PowerBatch
will increment it before every build and write this
version to your EXE.

***XP style controls support***
As of version 9, PowerBuilder supports new (XP) visual
style controls in your application. Now you can specify
a PowerBatch option to use XP style controls.

Thank you for using PowerBatch!
With best regards,
Anatoly Moskovsky