Due to changes in benefits and the cost of delivering them, the cost
of a full ISUG membership is going up to $95 on July 1, 2006. Until
then, ISUG is offering newsgroup users a promotion code NG27053 to
reduce the price of a one year membership to $60.

Below is the overview of membership benefits. More, including new
Sybase products, are on the way. Check out www.isug.com for details,
including online forms to sign up (and remember to use Promotion Code

Sybase/iAnywhere Software
Physical media copies of current versions of software with personal
use licenses
- Adaptive Server Enterprise Evaluation Kit
- DataWindow.NET
- EAServer Developers Edition
- Pylon Conduit
- IQ Developers Edition
- PocketBuilder
- PowerBuilder Enterprise
- InfoMaker Included
- SQL Anywhere Studio for NT or LINUX/UNIX

The ISUG Technical Journal
- Quarterly physical mailings of the Journal
- Technical content, like:
- A Closer Look at Query Processing in ASE 15.0
- Creating Model-Driven Applications for EAServer 5.2 Using
PowerDesigner 11
- Introducing IPv6: To Infinity and Beyond
- Power of the DataWindow Object

- Adaptive Server Enterprise System Tables Diagram fold-out poster
- Adaptive Server Enterprise Technical Library CD
- PowerBuilder 10.5 Sybooks CD
- Replication Server System Tables Diagram
- TechWave Breakout Sessions CD

Software and Training Discounts
- 25% Discount on PowerDesigner Developer
- 10% on all Sybase education classes
- 20% on CSP Certification Exams (DBA & IFD) Sylvan Prometric
- 20% on a subscription to the PowerBuilder Developers Journal
- 20% on a computer-based training from Branick Consulting

Member Access to the ISUG Website
- Access to the user communities, SIG resources, announcements of
events and news, and technical links
- Ability to vote in the enhancement process to communicate to Sybase
the user community desires for the future of Sybase products
- Online access to the ISUG Technical Journal content (see below)

Terry Voth [TeamSybase]
TeamSybase liaison to ISUG
PowerBuilder for $75? No.
Personal use PowerBuilder Enterprise *AND* PocketBuilder *AND* DataWindow.NET
*AND* Sybase IQ as free benefits of a ~~$60~~ ISUG membership. See
http://www.isug.com/ISUG3/Membership_benefits.html for details.
Use discount code NG27053.
Prices will change July 1/06. Sign up now!

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User Manual
TeamSybase <> Sybase employee
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Forums <> Communication with Sybase
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Forums.Moderated = TRUE, so behave or be deleted

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