The DW2XLS library version 3.0 has been released by Desta Ltd.

DW2XLS is a powerful PowerBuilder library designed for storing Datawindows
and Datastores to an Excel workbook.

New features in 3.0.
- Removed the exponential dependence of export time on number of rows. Now
it's a linear dependence.
- More support for nested DWs and/or expressions for X,Y,W,H.
In the previous versions, some combinations of coordinates and expressions
could cause improper cell merging in XLS.

Important notes.
- As of DW2XLS 3.0 a DLL, PB2XLS.DLL, is used as part of the library.
It must be distributed with your application in order the export to work.

The main goal of 3.0 release is to provide the same functionality having
moved the converting code from PB (in 2.X) to a C++ DLL.
Further subversions (3.1 etc) will be mainly addressed to speeding up
the conversion.

You can test it before buy. The demo is available at

If you have questions regarding the product, please contact our support
team, e-mail:

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