I get the following message when I try to drop an index:

Server Message: Number 3732, Severity 16
Line 7:
Cannot drop index 'agent_appointment.agnt_appntmnt_i1' because there are one
or more isolation level 0 scans, or REORG command, active on table.

It seems to happen after an update that occurs in a stored procedure. The
information I have read in the documentation seems to indicate that a cursor
was left open. Can anyone shed any light on this? Our entire system does
updates through stored procedures that use cursors. This is not causing any
problems that we are aware of, but I am afraid that we are doing something
incorrectly that is draining resources from the server. It also prevents us
from dropping and recreating indexes without first bringing down the
database server. I would be very grateful for any information about what
this message truly means.