My name is Israel Lizarraga, I have ASE 11.5 with SQL remote and I'm
getting the following messages in the error log when I start SQL remote in

00:00000:00002:2000/06/23 12:46:51.95 kernel NT operating system error 1455
in module 'e:/main/porttree/sql/nt386/ksource/proc/prcontext.c' at line 290:
FormatMessage() Error Return.
00:00000:00002:2000/06/23 12:47:12.79 kernel Failed to log the current
message in the Windows NT event log
00:00000:00002:2000/06/23 12:47:12.82 kernel NT operating system error 1455
in module 'e:/main/porttree/sql/generic/ksource/clkprof/stacktrace.c' at
line 201: FormatMessage() Error Return.
00:00000:00002:2000/06/23 12:47:13.60 kernel pc: 0x7d2b59 pcstkwalk +
0x29(0x16ff650, 0x16ffa74, 0x270f, 0x2, 0x200123d4)
00:00000:00002:2000/06/23 12:48:07.60 kernel pc: 0x7d28df ucstkgentrace +
0x1cf(0x50005, 0x2, 0x270f, 0x0, 0x0)
00:00000:00002:2000/06/23 12:48:07.79 kernel pc: 0x7adb24 ucbacktrace +
0x84(0x0, 0x1, 0x200135e0, 0x84, 0x3)
00:00000:00002:2000/06/23 12:48:07.79 kernel pc: 0x7af854 keipanic +
0xa4(0xd6e, 0x5af, 0x8e79e0, 0x122, 0x200135e0)
00:00000:00002:2000/06/23 12:48:07.98 kernel pc: 0x7e64b1 kpinitproc +
0x71(0x200135e0, 0x2000f260, 0x0, 0xe, 0x0)
00:00000:00002:2000/06/23 12:48:07.98 kernel pc: 0x7b48f0 upspawn +
0x160(0x45c930, 0xe, 0x3, 0x20213310, 0x201c4558)
00:00000:00002:2000/06/23 12:48:07.98 kernel pc: 0x460278 spawn_conn_hdlr +
0x98(0xe, 0x0, 0x200123d4, 0x0, 0x0)
00:00000:00002:2000/06/23 12:48:08.17 kernel pc: 0x403279 netinit0 +
0x149(0x0, 0x4000, 0x200123d4, 0x0, 0x0)
00:00000:00002:2000/06/23 12:48:08.17 kernel pc: 0x7e6386 kpsuspend +
0xf6(0x200123d4, 0x0, 0x0, 0x200123d4, 0x0)
00:00000:00002:2000/06/23 12:48:08.54 kernel pc: 0x77f04ee8 end +
0x775f7ee8(0x7e62f0, 0x200123d4, 0x0, 0x0, 0x0)
00:00000:00002:2000/06/23 12:48:14.18 kernel end of stack trace, spid 2,
kpid 327685, suid 0
00:00000:00002:2000/06/23 12:48:14.21 kernel ueshutdown: exiting
00:00000:00002:2000/06/23 12:49:18.34 kernel Abnormal exit detected - SQL
Server process level execution bindings will be cleared on startup.
00:00000:00002:2000/06/23 12:49:36.79 kernel NT operating system error 1723
in module 'e:/main/porttree/sql/nt386/ksource/clkprof/eventlog_nt.c' at line
637: FormatMessage() Error Return.
00:00000:00002:2000/06/23 12:50:50.62 kernel NT operating system error 1130
in module 'e:/main/porttree/sql/nt386/source/demo/scm_nt.c' at line 985:
FormatMessage() Error Return.
00:00000:00002:2000/06/23 12:51:07.31 server Attempt to set Service Control
Status failed.

After that happen ASA shutsdown and NT hangs because it says it have 100%
cpu usage , but there are not applications runnig.

I need help because i have not replicate for 3 days and I am acumulating a
lot of messages.