Web Cast promises to be technical, and will address how to check your code
for the possibilility of migration to a web application.

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There are numerous PowerBuilder client/server applications in production
today and many of these have existed for years. Many corporations are at a
point where these applications need to be move to the Web. Some of the
questions for these companies are listed below.

a.. Can we use PowerBuilder to move the application to the Web?
b.. Do we want to continue to use PowerBuilder?
c.. Do we have to rewrite the application in Java?
d.. What will it cost?
e.. How long will it take?
f.. How do we get started?
Purpose of the Web Cast

This Web Cast is intended to show how quickly some PowerBuilder components
can be moved to the Web. This is not intended to say that you can move your
entire application in a few minutes but rather to demonstrate how easy it
can be. The examples in the demonstration are from production applications
that were migrated to the Web using PowerBuilder and EAServer. These
examples came from Sybase customers who had doubts about using PowerBuilder
for Web development and after one week of mentoring have decided to use
PowerBuilder and EAServer for Web development.

What Will Be Covered

This part of the presentation will be reviewing how a Web application works
and the purpose of each component. This will be an overview that will
provide an understanding of each of the pieces and what product Sybase
offers in each area. The main part of the presentation will go through the
steps necessary to take existing screens and present them in a Web browser.
The code that is necessary will be reviewed along with recommended
procedures for a production application. Finally some direction on how to
get started in the migration process will be discussed. The specific topics
are listed below.

a.. Web application overview
b.. Web application architecture
c.. PowerBuilder applications review
d.. Web development options
e.. Web DataWindow architecture
f.. Writing the code
Larry Cermak is the President of Branick Consulting, Inc., an emerging
technology consulting firm specializing in the Sybase products. Larry is a
member of Team Sybase, writer for the Sybase Developer Network and
PowerBuilder Developer Journal, frequent speaker at Sybase conferences and
seminars across the country, and has published the only book available on
Web DataWindows. He has been helping customers move PowerBuilder
applications to the Web since 1998 and has helped more than 30 companies.
Larry can be reached at 630-428-2650 or lcermak@branick-inc.com.