Hi all,

I had reasons to believe that an application would benefit from having Large
IO configured on the db server.
So , I did the same, with 20Mb allocated for 16K pool, with default 10% APF
set. This was out of total available memory of approx 800 Mb with 20%
allocated to procedure cache. My understanding is other memory requrements
would be minimal.

I ran run sp_sysmon a few times after this and indication was certain
functionality was benfitting as per output below

Large I/O Detail
16 Kb Pool
Pages Cached 0.3 6.4 1192
Pages Used 0.3 6.1 1136
95.3 %

Other functionality which accounts for 80% of application usage time
provided the following output

Large I/O Usage
Large I/Os Performed 0.0 0.0 1
4.8 %
Large I/Os Denied 0.0 0.2 20
95.2 %

Our application, in general, performed very badly and we reverted to
original configuration with no 16K pool
and whose performance is okay .

Could a lack of a large enough 16K pool lead to this degredation as
indicated by "Large I/Os denied" ?

Thanking you in advance