I'd like to introduce my new tool - PbGuard.

PbGuard is a command line utility that implements encryption
of PowerBuilder applications to protect them against decompilers
or unauthorized modifications.

There are two editions: PbGuard Lite (freeware) and PbGuard Pro.
Also, you can order a custom protection for your application.

Why protect PowerBuilder applications?

In the past, PowerBuilder developers were not worried much
about protecting their applications from cracking and source
code theft, as PowerBuilder had its own undocumented format
of executable files and P-code, and there were no tools which
were able to produce the source code from the p-code.
In addition, each new version of PowerBuilder had new format
of p-code. So the possibility of unauthorized access to source
code and analysis of the protection code had been seriously

However, in recent years, a few decompilers were developed,
allowing automatic conversion of the compiled libraries (PBD / DLL)
to PowerScript code. At the moment, there are decompilers
for all existing versions of PowerBuilder.
Moreover, free demo versions of the decompilers can be easily
found on the Internet, and they allow viewing the source code
as well.
Decompilers made the hacking of protection code trivial and
accessible to almost any attacker, even without specific
knowledge of the internals of PowerBuilder applications.

Also, among PowerBuilder programmers there is a misconception
that the machine code (DLL) builds protect the application
from the decompiler.
But this is just not true: DLLs produced using the machine code
builds include copies of the corresponding PBDs and therefore
can be decompiled as well.

Visit http://sqlbatch.com/pbguard/ and read more about PbGuard
and download or buy PbGuard.

Anatoly Moskovsky