Hi all,
I have a datawindow set up as "key and modified columns" as updates, I
will retrieve 1 row data from DB (SQL Server 2008, snc 10), then I
modify 2 columns and do Update().

At update, the 'where' statement is issued with ALL columns, but I was
expecting it will have only the key ('id') and the two columns I

I am using PB11.5, target is a windows executable.

The project was migrated from PB10.5.

I tried to issue ResetUpdate() after retrieve(), but still got same

Please can someone give me a check-list to let me digg if error is
somewhere in my code or dw settings?

Please note the code does some interactions with dw before the update,
so it is possible some dw function will trigger the 'updated' flag in
all columns, even they were not.

The dw has only one table, "batch".

Here all interactions on dw object between the retrieve and the update
I found making a step-by-step debug:

Describe ( "DataWindow.Table.UpdateTable" )
SetWhere ( "batch.ID = 218404095")
Retrieve ( )
GetItemNumber ( 1, "ID" )
ResetUpdate() (this was my add to check if issues goes away)
GetItemString (1, "STATO")
GetItemString ( 1, "CI" )
GetItemString ( 1, "CI" )
SetItem (1, "STATO", "IAV")
Describe ("dto_avanzamento" + ".ID" ) (returned value: 15)
Object.Data [ 1, 15] = 08/04/2009 15.13.49 (datetime value)
DeletedCount ( )
GetItemStatus ( 1, 0, Primary! )
GetItemString ( 1, "CI" )
Update ( TRUE, FALSE ) (here I see on profiler the issued statement)

TIA, Andrea