I would like to access a Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise (11.9.2, NT)
located in a DMZ from an application on the internal LAN, using the Open
Client ODBC interface. When trying to access the server with Sybase Central
I get the following error:

ct_connect(): network packet layer: internal net library error: Net-Lib
protocol driver call to connect two endpoints failed

I assume this has to do with the firewall, since I can access a Sybase
server on anotheer host on the LAN in this way, no problem. I can also
access the target Sybase server using the client installed on a different
host inside the DMZ. Does anyone know what services need to opened up on the
firewall (udp, tcp, ...??)? I assume the port is 2500.
(We have a SsecureZone firewall from Secure Computing.)

Any help is greatly appreciated,

Marius Bergan