Hi, Everyone:

Recently some tables of my server( SYBASE 11.51) is often locked by the MS
QUERY application, and it won't unlock all the time, I must found that
process and kill it. and I can't monitor at midnight, it make our system so
bad.sometime I must reboot my system.

I want to trace the reason that MS QUERY lock the tables. but I don't konw
how, and MS QUERY don't send the machine name , so I can't find the exact
And I guess one reason is because the people use "End task" to kill the MS
QUERY application in NT, but didn't notice SYBASE disconnect this session,
so this session keep using some particular table. when some people also want
to update this table. it can't. so I want to make a script to find this
session . but I don't know how?

Is there any DBA expert have this experience to fix this problem, and if the
SYBASE can be set up to unlock the lock if the lock keep too long?