I am trying to create a Sybase 11.5 stored procedure which selects into 7
temporary (#) tables.

All 7 list when using "select name from sysobjects" for tempdb. I am able
to extract data type info for 6 of the 7 with:

select syscolumns.name, systypes.name, syscolumns.length
from sysobjects, syscolumns, systypes
where syscolumns.usertype = systypes.usertype
and sysobjects.id = syscolumns.id
and sysobjects.name like "#RTTCombTemp"

The 7th, above lists no items. I have checked table name spelling, etc.

Base on info I have gleaned from other sources, within the same session, but
outside of the stored procedure script, I have created these 7 temp tables
and then dropped them before running the create procedure script.

My ultimate goal is to create a permanent table from #RTTCombTemp using
"insert", but I am unable to because the error msg I get says it doesn't

Any clues as to what I am doing wrong?