We are having an amazing number of problems running a DW on ASE 11.9.2 under
NT4 (Enterprise edition), SP5 on a Dell PowerEdge 6300. The Sybase storage
is arranged as a large (8x9Gb drives, 10,000 r.p.m.) RAID 1+0 array in an
external disk subsystem (a Dell PowerVault 200s). This is a LVD SCSII
(Ultra2) subsystem and uses a Dell PERC2 controller. (4 chanels, 128Mb
Cache memory). We are setup to use witeback caching (i.e. the reads AND
writes are cached in battery backed memory). We have 4 cpus and Sybase is
configured to use all of them. We have 4Gb memory, and allocate 2000Mb to
the Sybase server. We use the default value for 'Shared Memory Starting

We've had 4621 occurences of error 697 on one server between 24th August and
30th November. These errors then tend to result in a flurry of other errors
due (presumably) to the corruption to disk and/or memory.

I don't suppose for a minute that anyone else is experiencing the same
problems, are they? We are going to rebuild this thing from the ground up
but wondered if anyone else had any other useful thoughts???!!!

Yours (extremely) hopefully,

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