Hi Folks,

I am new to Sybase and can honestly say I don't know JACK so I hope you'll
understand if my questions sound way far out. I provide technical support
for a small software company, our applications run on Delphi and SQL. I am
more of a networking person, therefore, I have been able to overcome some of
the issues by changing the protocol that the server is loading. I have
talked to the programmers but the are just that programmers and they are not
sure why this is happening, since I am tech support I get to run down the

The problem we have seen now twice, both on NT server machines and in both
cases the servers are configured to use RAS. Once we attempt to load our
server module i.e.

dbsrv50 -nmkms -c20m -xtcpip c:\program files\mks\mkms\mkmsdefaut.db

The module begins to load and say all the usual things until it beings to
start the IP link, it will say my ip address is i.e.
and it will also have another IP address that seems random

In one instance the IP address was the same as the one reserved for RAS and
in the second case it was not, but the second IP address z( in both cases)
did not show up anywhere. I could not find it in the DCHP active leases or

Here is my question ( thank God right?? ): When you load the server module,
what controls what ip address the system selects and is there any way we can
exert control over that?

What ends up happening on this setup is that it will just lock up, it looks
like it's working the the link is never established successfully. If I
change the load paramaters to use IPX, then I can make it work just fine.
To be honest, I think IPX is a faster protocol, but it requires loading
additional software on the servers and the clients and I want to avoid that
if possible. I know the problem has something to do with TCP/IP and how the
server is configured but through all my efforts with the hardware and DHCP
and ras I can come up with no solid solutoin. I was hoping someone here
might be able to steer me in the right direction.