ASSIGNMENT DESIRED: A part time position to 20 hours per week working off
site in PowerBuilder. Working in either the client server or EAServer
environment. I have a Dell server configured for moth client server and the
EAServer environments at home.

ASSIGNMENT: US Navy DURATION: 05-2001 to Present

Senior PowerBuilder Programmer / Analyst working as a member of a large
development team with the responsibility to web enables an exixting software
system. This reporting system used through out the Navy and Marine Corp.
This project consists of analyzing the existing code, partitioning the code
into business logic and presentation logic. Migration of the code into an N
tier system designed using Sybase EAServer, Jaguar components, JSP and Java

ASSIGBNMENT: Sybase Inc. DURATION: 11-1999 to 04-2001

Senior PowerBuilder Consultant working as the team technical leader
responsible for ten-person development team. This team completed a
$2,000,000 software redesign and upgrade of the InfoSpan System for Visa
International. This PowerBuilder program consisted of 200 tables, 250
datawindows and 200 windows, and it is deployed world wide in 4 languages.
Tools used PowerBuilder 7.02 and ASA 7.0. My duties consisted of system
analysis & design, database analysis & design, developed coding standards,
specified version control, mentoring, quality control and testing.

ASSIGNMENT: Hart Info Systems DURATION: 02-1999 to 11-1999

Senior PowerBuilder Imaging Consultant responsible for system analysis,
design, code modification, change control, system testing, installation,
troubleshooting, parallel testing, data conversion, final testing,
sign-off. Our software system is an image enabled, county records
recording and management system with modules for: birth, marriage, death,
divorce, land, UCC, court records, juvenile records. Written in
PowerBuilder 6.5 with Oracle, Sybase, DB2 databases and Eastman or
VisiFlow Imaging Software.

ASSIGNMENT: Universal Studios DURATION: 09-1998 to 03-1999

Senior PowerBuilder Consultant acting as project technical lead responsible
for the conversion of two FoxPro applications into a PowerBuilder / Sybase
application. Responsibilities included analysis, design, coding, and
implication, training and supervising a team of three developers. This
leading edge application will enhance the tracking, rewriting, legal
coverage and production changes of movie scripts. The ACE life cycle
method was used on this project.

ASSIGNMENT: Pacific Mgnt Investment DUEATION: 11-1997 to 08-1998

Senior PowerBuilder Consultant acting as project leader responsible for six
man development team, performing analysis, design, coding, testing and
implementation of "Automated Rule Compliance System". Designed to track
rule compliance of 100 billion dollars of retirement funds, in a fast paced,
real time, high volume trading environment. This application checks
portfolio rules and compliance at trade, nightly, or upon request.
Application was developed in PowerBuilder using PowerTOOL class libraries
utilizing Sybase System 11 database. Additional responsibilities include
analyzing current PowerBuilder Class Libraries and making a buying decision.
Teaching "Intro to PowerBuilder Class" to 12 students. Mentoring four new
PowerBuilder developers.

ASSIGNMENT: Sony Inc. DURATION: 08-1996 to 11-1997

Senior PowerBuilder Consultant acting as project manager responsible for
analysis, design, coding, testing, and implementation of the following

Pallet Pack Program used to track CRT's (cathode ray tubes) via bar
codes, from the assembly line till arrival at final destination. Tools were
PowerBuilder & Oracle.

Down Time System" used to track the length and frequency of down time for
each piece of equipment and/or sub components, within a largely robotics
assembly line environment. The Down Time System calculates MTBF (mean time
between failure rates), allows fine-tuning of preventive maintenance cycles
and equipment replacement cycles. Tools were PowerBuilder & Oracle.

PowerSim System, used to track real time assembly line quality assurance
data, defect-tracking data, assembly line output CRTs. (Good and reject)
The PowerSim System allows engineers to analyze data in a proactive and
post active methods to improve and maintain CRT quality. Tools were
PowerBuilder & Oracle.

East Jackson High School; Jackson, MI; 1971; High School Diploma

Kansas State University; Manhattan, KS; Baking Science and Management;
1980; Bachelor; 3.2 GPA, 4 Point Scale; 220 Semester Hours

Vignette, Fundamentals of Application Development, (1 week), Nov 2000
Fast Tract To Java, Sybase Learning Connection (3 days), Dec 2000
Java Programming Language - SL-275, (1 week), Jan 2001
Building Applications Using PowerBuilder & EAServer, Jan 2000

Branch and Period of Active Duty Service: 01-1972 to 09-1975, U.S. Navy
Branch and Period of Active Duty Service: 07-1980 to 03-1986, U.S. Navy