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Sybase SQL Server 11.5 and Co-StandbyServer

2 posts in Windows NT Last posting was on 2001-04-03 03:54:43.0Z
Thorsten Witt Posted on 2001-04-02 14:13:57.0Z
From: "Thorsten Witt" <>
Subject: Sybase SQL Server 11.5 and Co-StandbyServer
Date: Mon, 2 Apr 2001 16:13:57 +0200
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we clustered a sybase SQL 11.5 server for a customer. Now we have got a
problem with automatically starting the SQL and Backup services of the
Sybase Server.

After booting the primary Server everything looks O.K.. All services were
started and no errors where replyed in the logfile of the sybase script.
With a sybase tool it was possible to ping the sql server from a

1. The sql client userapplication founds no server, though a ping with the
sybase client tool to the server succeeds. Then we started the sybase
central application on the server and stopped the sybase sql service and the
sybase backup service and restarted FIRST the sql service and THEN the
backup service. After that the client workstation could connect with its
application !
Why does this work ?

If we started FIRST the sybase backup service and SECOND the sybase SQL
service the client application could not connect, besides the sql server
ping succeeds.

How could we solve the problem ?
Our idea is to modify the sql sript for the Co-StandbyServer because it
looks like that the sql backup service(_BS) will be started before the SQL
service. (We have modified our script so that it will start the sql backup
service (_BS), in the original script only the SQL service will start).

2. When we stop the sybase sql backup service and the sybase sql service
over ther services from windows nt, we could not restart them over this way
! Starting and stopping the services over the sybase central application was
possible ! Why is it not possible to start the sql services over the windows
nt services (withhot Co-StandbyServer both ways are possible) ???

Thorsten Witt

Jim Egan Posted on 2001-04-03 03:54:43.0Z
From: Jim Egan <>
Subject: Re: Sybase SQL Server 11.5 and Co-StandbyServer
Date: Mon, 2 Apr 2001 21:54:43 -0600
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What does your SQL.INI file look like?
Jim Egan [TeamSybase]
Senior Consultant
Sybase Professional Services

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