Database: SQL Anywqhere 5.504
Open Server Gateway(dbos50): 11.1 (Version delivered with SQL
Anywhere 5.504)
Client: Java Application
with jConnect3.0, built with PowerJ 2.5

Error: Error Code #16269, Severity 15 CS error : Final DONE not sent by
event handler

The error appears when switching between different screens, each with its
own queries on the database.
Destroying of the queries before switching to another query doesn't help.

This is described in Issue: 439910 in Workplace Database under 'Solved
Here the contains, the solution says, problem didn't reappear, issue closed,
but there is an additional error message:

June 6/97

Lucheng called he still has the same error message after appying the patch
for 5.5.01.

error code 16269 severity cserror:final DONE not sent by event handler.

disconnecting user dba.

Mail form Lucheng****************************************

Hi Jason,

I applied the ebf to open client library 11.1 and am getting a slightly

different result.

"[INTERSOLV][ODBC SQL Server driver][SQL Server]ct_send(): user api layer:

external error:

This routine cannot be called because another command structure has

results pending."

SQL Gateway log file



Jun 05 11:27:06 1997: Sybase SQL Anywhere Open Server Gateway Version

5.5.01 Build

The customer has not had any problems for quite some time so they have
agreed to close the issue.