March 24, 2003 Dublin, California - In its on going commitment to
professional certifications, Sybase is pleased to
announce the immediate availability of the new Replication Server 12.5
Administrator certification examination for the
Sybase Certified Professional Program. The exam was written with valuable
input from independent consultants, customers,
partners and Sybase internal employees. Please refer to the exam study guide
for complete exam details.

To help customers study and pass this exam we are also pleased to announce
the immediate availability
of a FREE sample Replication Server 12.5 Certification Practice exam. This
exam has questions that
mimic the real exam. Please refer to the link below for download details.

The Replication Server 12.5 Administrator certification by the Sybase
Certified Professional Program is a standard for
measuring proficiency for building business applications using the
world-renowned Replication Server. The certification is
appropriate for individuals who are Database Administrators, Replication
Server Application Developers, Replication Server
System Administrators, and Data Application Designers .

By earning the Certified Sybase Replication Server Administrator 12.5
certification credential, individuals are demonstrating that they
have the skills necessary to lead organizations in the successful design,
implementation, and administration of Replication Servers.

LINKS: (Materials to help you pass the exam)
The study guide is available at:
The FREE sample practice exam is available at:

INFORMATION: (General information)
For more information about the Sybase Certified Professional Program, please
visit or

Sam Lakkundi
For the Sybase Certified Professional Program
QUOTES: (What people are saying about this exam)

"This Replication Server is certainly a fair exam, covering all aspects of
Replication Server is such a way that
experienced RepServer DBAs should be able to pass." said a test taker from
Den Haag, The Netherlands.

"A lot of efforts has been put into this Replication Server 12.5 exam to
ensure that it is well-written with minimal
ambiguity in its questions and answers. The questions are well-balanced to
ensure that the exam reflects the
practical knowledge and experience of using the Replication Server 12.5 in
the production environment." said
a test writer in Mississauga, Canada.

"This exam is a well-balanced test which was developed by a team of RS 12.5
experts. As we know, the certification is being valued by the Companies and
in my opinion it will help the professionals that work with RS, pushing
their career" said a test taker from San Paulo, Brazil.

"A comprehensive exam put together by veteran Replication Server
professionals with both real-world and certification writing experience"
said a test taker from Burlington, Vermont.

"Developed by a collection of the most reputable Replication Server experts
in the world, this challenging new certification exam completely
encompasses all basic and advanced aspects of Replication Server systems
providing a well deserved formal recognition for the valuable ability to
successfully implement replication business solutions for an organization or
a client." said a test writer in Dublin, California.

"The Replication Server 12.5 exam, written by experts in the field,
represents a fair, comprehensive and balanced test of one's knowledge of
Replication Server." said a test writer from Bolder, Colorado.

"Sybase has created a truly professional certification examination for the
Replication Server 12.5 product. All parties involved, the education staff,
the test writers and the Sybase professionals that participated in its
creation can be assured that the "certification certificate" issued, will be
one that is highly sought after by our industry colleagues" said a test
writer from Toronto, Canada.

"This exam was written and validated by an international group of
experienced Replication Server professionals. It is a fair exam which tests
general knowledge of the replication environment and good understanding of
the concepts." said a test writer in Mississauga, Canada.

"This was a well written exam... the questions tested the entire spectrum
of replication. This test truly shows the depth of replication knowledge
that an individual holds." said a beta test taker from Toronto, Canada.