I have an ASA DB installed in a server that is on an ISP that is used by a
Web Aplication. On my office there is a client connected to de server by a
leased line using a modem to connect both machines. There is also an
internal network that have Internet access using a socked based proxy server
on the client machine and it works OK. There is also an application
developed using Power Builder enviroment that connects to the server and can
make updates to the Data Base. I would like to know if there is a way to
connect the Power builder application using ODBC through any machine on the
internal network using the proxy server installed on the client machine.
I've tried to configure the ODBC to access to the DB trough the proxy server
but I could not do it. There is installed Windows 95 on the office machines
and Windows NT Server 4.0 on the server.
I will apreciate any help.
Thank you very much

Magali Gonzalez