Dear All,

Yesterday I had attended AMD Road-show at Bangalore... AMD is launching 64
Bit Opetron Processor... I just want to highlight how Sybase can Improve
their Marketing/Advertising Skills...

AMD had invited top S/W firms to give boot to 64 Bit computing along with
Their Applications...

Few Giants...



Used the opportunity to enhance their DB2 Marketing for 64 Bit computing

Computer Associates

Same.... they have their RDBMS , they too had something to say for the world
about 64 Bit


Win2003 Server, SQL Server, Visual Studio .Net.. Here Microsoft said with
Windows 2003, they are going to integrate App Server for zero cost.


They enhanced App server and Oracle RDBMS Market Share


Got something to say to the world about their products for 64 Bit



Few Software Firms had their video clippings as advertising materials


Why don't Sybase use these opportunities to market their Products. No doubt
Sybase has got World Class technology, my vote to this point.

Un less Sybase does aggressive Marketing/Advertising Sybase is not going to
get Market Share.... Ultimately its going to hit us (Developers)

Most Importantly Delegates for these kind of Seminars will be decision