To whom it may concern,

Below is a copy of my resume in response to any position your firm may have
matching my background. I am currently available having just finished a
contract at AOL Time Warner. I am local to the South Florida area even
though my most recent project was in the D.C. area. I am willing to work
anywhere in the country. I am open to the possibilities of being 1099 or W2
with no preference to either one.

I feel that my qualifications will match any expectations that you may have
of a prospective candidate. My experience is very in depth and diverse
which has proven very beneficial to me and my clients in the past. The
experience I have equates to approximately 10 years.

Please feel free to contact me at your earliest convenience so we can
discuss in further detail any questions about my experience or desires. I
prefer to discuss rates in person. Major factors in rate are project scope
as well as type of skill sets used and potentially acquired. I typically
provide an all inclusive rate that covers any travel expenses that I incur.
Please feel free to contact me at your earliest convenience so we can
discuss in further detail.

David Miller

David J. Miller
1521 Alton Rd. #151
Miami Beach, FL 33139
(305) 604-9147


A senior level database administrator and developer with leadership
experience in Internet, client/server and ERP projects: expertise in
object-oriented applications with full project lifecycle history as well as

Professional Experience

AOL Time Warner (August '01 - Present); Contractor
* Sybase DBA for the Financial Systems Group of AOL; focused on the support
of a Computron 5.0 Financial System and all the custom created applications
surrounding this system. (~ 20 Apps)
* Member of the CBSO (Corp Business Systems Operations) group who managed
230 Sybase servers with over 2200 databases running on SUN Solaris and HP-UX
platforms managed through Kerberose Security. Total data managed was
approaching one Peta. (One thousand Terabytes)
* Modified and created KSH and Perl scripts that managed the following
tasks; server installation, backup and recovery, and server error and
performance monitoring.
* Lead DBA for the process of separating four environments (dev, test, qa
and training) from one Sybase 11.9 server onto separate Sybase 12.0 servers.
o Built new Sybase 12.0 Servers.
o Created scripts to build the 24 databases using 600 G of devices on each
o Created scripts to bcp/rcp files to new server and load databases from
striped dump files.
o Moved database options settings.
o Ported system database data to new servers including logins and
o Setup and validated the crontab processes on the new environments.
* Installed Sybase EBFs and upgraded numerous databases from Sybase 11.x to
Sybase 12.x.
* Managed the migration process of backend efforts from; development,
through qa and into production with the use of VSS (MS Visual Source Safe)
version control as well as the Remedy Help Desk action request system.
* Participated in managing Sybase Replication Server 12.0 in a warm-standby
configuration while assisting in the design of a new publish and subscribe
model with the potential use of Sybase Open Switch for a High Availability
* Worked on a Business Continuity implementation; entailing two EMC2
Symmetrix Disk storage devices located in geographically separated locations
for off site disaster recovery.
* Supported the Data warehouse and reporting group with feeds from the
Sybase servers into the Cognos Impromptu Powerplay cube creation process.
* Assisted in the maintenance of scripting jobs in AUTOSYS job monitoring
* Used entire suite of products from Embarcadero including DBArtisan,
ERStudio and ChangeManager.

Matrix Networks Inc. (February '01 - June '01); Employee/Owner
* Sybase Database Administrator and project manager for a new Internet web
* Orchestrated many efforts simultaneously in the company's progress to
going live in the hot new Internet market.
* Installed and set up Sybase ASE 12.5 environments on a Linux Red Hat 7.0
* Implemented PHP and Perl connectivity to the database.
* Architect of data model for use in website traffic information and email
program generation.
* Wrote all the stored procedures used for the company.
* Used ERwin data modeling tool to create database objects.
* Instructed web developers on use of Sybase and taught them how to create
SQL stored procedures.
* Wrote BCP scripts to load data into the new database and modified Perl/CGI
cron job scripts.

CEN (March '00 - February '01); Employee
* Sybase Database Administrator and Project Leader at a very high traffic
and successful web based company with a database provideing both heavy OLAP
and OLTP support.
* Upgraded databases from version 11.5 & 11.9.2 to ASE 12.0 64-bit on Sun
Solaris 8 E420R boxes.
* Installed and implemented the use of Sybase Backup Server for scheduled
* Implemented a Replication Server 11.5 Primary Copy Model configuration for
synchronizing data between two ASE 12.0 servers spread between two
* Evaluated and re-designed existing data model for better data integrity
and performance using ERwin data modeling tool.
* Tuned stored procedures and database for better query performance through
use of showplan and addition/re-building of table indexes.
* Created Shell (BASH & Korn) scripts to automate miscellaneous tasks
including nightly BCP procedures for special data as well as DBCC routines
for the database.
* Authored stored procedures to create customer service interfaces and
* Altered Perl and CGI scripts that used DBI to communicate with the Sybase
engine as well as assisted in the implementation of PHP.

Walt Disney World (Decemeber '99 - March '00); Contractor
* Sr. Database and Systems Analyst for PSDI Maximo 3.03 MMS/ERP application
* Performed upgrade process analysis to move a Maximo 3.03 MMS application
to version 4.03 (4I) including all modules, for a 2 GB Oracle 8I RDBMS on
the UNIX (HP-UX) platform.
o Acted as technical lead for both server and client side migration
o Evaluated differences in customized datamodel to new version performing
detailed analysis using the ERwin modeling tool.
o Performed migration of customized applications.
o Repaired all customization changes that did not convert through the
conversion process.
* Fixed Custom Triggers and Stored Procedures using Quest SQLNavigator and
Oracle's SQL*Plus.
* Fixed application GUI errors resulting from the migration using the
Centura Nationalizer. (Maximo's screen editor)
* Worked with Business Objects reports linked to an Informix database.
Informix DB was filled with nightly batch job that moved data from the
Oracle DB to Informix via cron job.
* Assisted in the facilitation of Gap analysis sessions to review existing
functionality in the packaged solution matched with system requirement
definitions for multiple business units.

Owens-Illinois (March '99 - July '99); Independent Contractor
* Database Administrator and Developer for the Manufacturing and Financials
portions of a customized version of GEAC SmartStream ERP (PowerBuilder)
application on a Sybase backend.
* Assisted in the migration of the version of SmartStream from 4.1(PB 4.0)
to 6.0(PB 5.04), at the largest SmartStream installation in the world.
* Created and maintained miscellaneous Activity definitions through the
Developer's workbench of the Smartstream development environment.
* Created and maintained database objects through the Smartstream
environment on a VLDB (500 Gig)
* Wrote numerous stored procedures and triggers.
* Worked in multiple application environments with Sybase RDBMS (Transact
SQL) and Oracle RDBMS (PL/SQL).

Florida Power & Light (December '97 - March '99); Contractor
* Database designer and Lead Developer for an application to be created from
four mainframe (DB2) accounting information feeds into a single
client/server reporting application.
* Responsible for overseeing the architecture of both the databases (Sybase
AS 11.5 & Oracle 7) and the application framework (PFC 6.0).
* Directed the implementation of PB 6.0 - 6.5 and the 6.0 - 6.5 PFC.
* Developed reusable framework for application based on PFC.
* Used CAST Workbench and ERwin to manage and develop database objects.
(Stored Procedures, Triggers, Views and Indexes)
* Evaluated best way to accomplish Batch mode transfer of email from the
database server with use of UNIX shell script and RPCs.
* Implemented PVCS in the PB application development environment.

Integroup Inc. (January '97 - November '97); Independent Consultant
* Database and Project lead for a team of developers working on a Property
Management Application.
* Responsible for the data model design and data re-architecting of the
existing application using ERwin database-modeling tool.
* Controlled the organization of deliverables into a realistic timeline
scenario for the entire team.
* Integrated the Property Management application into the general accounting
application, also a PowerBuilder application.
* Developed using PB 4.0 and 5.0 with Oracle 7.2 database. (PL/SQL)

Del Monte Fresh Produce (July '96 - January '97); Independent Consultant
* Developed and Maintained pieces of an international shipping and receiving
application using PB 4.0 & 5.0 under Windows 95 and NT 4.0 Client.
* Responsible for upgrading the existing application and development
environment from PB 4.0 16 Bit to PB 5.0 32 Bit.
* Responsible for DBA tasks on an Oracle 7.2 RDBMS

Cambridge Technology Partners Project (Jan. '95 - July '96); Contractor
* Instrumentals in the initial start up of the development stage of a
complete restructuring of the Michigan Department of Transportation with a
PowerBuilder application.
* Managed a team of developers responsible for several phases of a $20
million dollar project.
* Trained numerous inexperienced groups in object-oriented programming using
PB 4.0.
* Assisted the IT department in the implementation of a PB team's
development effort.
* Developed under a Windows NT client environment.
* Created and maintained stored procedures on an ORACLE 7.1 RDBMS (PL/SQL).

Information Technologist Inc. (ITI) (Dec. '92 - Jan. '95) Employee
* Developed and maintained advanced PowerBuilder applications in the
financial (Miller Anderson & Sherrerd) and insurance industry (CIGNA) using
PB versions 2.0, 3.0, and 3.0a.
* Analyzed existing PB applications for optimization suggestions and
* Wrote Stored Procedures and Triggers on an MS SQL Server 4.2 RDBMS.
* Developed databases using CASE tools such as ErWinPB and in ErWin.
o Formally trained in the following by Product Certified Classes
* PowerBuilder 3.0
* MS SQL Server NT Performance Optimization
* SQA Team Test GUI Testing Tool

* System and Database Administration: ASE 12.0 Class Certificate
* CPD Associate - Certified PowerBuilder Developer 4.0

* Pennsylvania State University - Electrical Engineering Studied (1988-1992)