PPB Programmers,
Just a reminder when submitting bugs/crashes other bad things....
We need all the details to try to reproduce the issue.

There have been some quite good descriptions both here and
in the beta newsgroup, so I'm not getting jumpy (yet).
In fact, some of the descriptions have been quite excellent !
(I especially liked one EditMask bug description which
had examples of correct/incorrect operation).

As a reminder....
- the version (the build number)
- IDE or runtime
- for runtime - is it the "running man" or emulator or PDA
- - what combinations did you see it in?
- - did you _not_ see the error somewhere?
- Sequence of operations and which database...
- - The more details the better.
- If using a standard DB that's better.
- If using a brand-new PKL that's even better.

Just remember - us developers try to reproduce on our
own desktops & PDAs which are undoubtedly quite
different than your configurations.
The simpler and more detailed the better.....

Have Fun Programming !
Make Cool Apps !
Reed Shilts
PPB Development Manager