HI Guys,

I have a Customer who wants to get into Replication so he can use a second
server machine for Reporting/data analysis without impacting activities on the
main server machine. Let's call them Main and Report.

Some questions if I may..

1. If a record is physically deleted on the Main server, does it disappear on
the Report server?

2. The data is in .dbf/.fpt/.cdx files. - Is it only the changed data in the
.dbf & .fpt files that is transferred from Main to Report, or ist it .cdx as

3. Eventually he is looking to have two Main Servers, different businesses,
and have them replicated for reporting. Can, and if so what restrictions if
any are there, the replicating (report) server replicate from two main DD
databases on separate machines to two Report DD databases on the one machine?

4. Does 3. above require two ADS/Licenses?

Regards & TIA,