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Migration from ASA to Sybase Server.

2 posts in ,  General Discussion Windows NT Last posting was on 2000-02-16 03:50:50.0Z
Yossi Zaig Posted on 2000-02-15 19:55:07.0Z
From: "Yossi Zaig" <>
Subject: Migration from ASA to Sybase Server.
Date: Tue, 15 Feb 2000 21:55:07 +0200
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Is it possible that ASA 6.03 DB will work under Sybase server without doing
anything, if yes what should I do, should I create my database as Transact
SQL or I just need to write my procedures as Transact SQL ?

Best Regards.
Yossi Zaig.

Jim Egan Posted on 2000-02-16 03:50:50.0Z
From: (Jim Egan)
Subject: Re: Migration from ASA to Sybase Server.
Date: Tue, 15 Feb 2000 21:50:50 -0600
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No, the files are not compatible. You will have to extract the database
structures using DBUNLOAD.EXE or through the utility in Sybase Central.

You will have to write your procedures as T-SQL. Just creating the
database for T-SQL compatibility isn't enough. See the ASA online help
under "compatibility: Adaptive Server Enterprise" or CHAPTER 30.
Transact-SQL Compatibility in the manual.
Jim Egan [TeamSybase]
Houston, TX

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