Recently, we had to re-install Sybase 10.0.2 on one of our Production
boxes due to a problem with the OS. It was running under NT3.5, SP3 but the
system kept falling over when any high intensity task (such as LOAD
DATABASE) was carried out. We re-installed the OS, it is now NT3.51 SP5,
and restored the data from the old production DB into the new database, and
this seemed to be OK.

The problem is this: The new system seems to be *very* slow when it is
writing data (ie. INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE). It seems to run at about the
same speed as our Development system for SELECT's, but an INSERT which used
to take 4 - 6 seconds on the production system now takes up to 1 minute.
Has anyone else had this problem?

The machine is a dedicated Sybase server, and there are only about 10
users. The machine is an Apricot VXft 1500 (Pentium 90, 32MB). I have
tried starting Sybase with the 'performance' switch ('-P'), but this only
took a couple of seconds off the run time. Trying things like this is also
rather tricky since it is a well distributed system, I am 100 miles from the
server, and the client systems are mostly Long distance ISDN links. We have
ruled out the ISDN as the source of the problem since clients on the Local
network are having the same problem as the more remote users.

The clients are connecting to the server using IPX/SPX from Win3.11
machines. The software they are using is written in PB4.0. The server is
set up to allow connections via named pipes and IPX/SPX. Using TCP/IP is,
unfortunatly, not an option.

The structure of the database has recently been changed to accomodate an
upgrade / extention to the PB software, but none of these changes affected
the old DB structure except to add a couple of Foreign Key references. (In
fact the extention was what highlighted the original problem, prompting the
OS re-install). The database is about 400MB (with 200MB log), and Sybase
has 130MB tempdb. The new database is correctly indexed (according to DBCC
reindex and DBCC checktable), and it will be growing to about 1.5GB to
accomodate new data and users once this problem is fixed.

Apologies for being a bit long winded, but I wanted to give as much info
as possible, since this is becoming a big headache and I need to get it
fixed real soon.

Thanks In Advance,
-- Mike Insch (mike@vofka.demon.co.uk)