Hello fellow Powerbuilder and Sybase programmers!

I have seen a definite increase in Powerbuilder and Sybase contract and
full-time recruiting in recent weeks.

Check-out these sites:


If you are looking for a contract or full-time spot then I would suggest
posting your resume and cover letter and setting-up a job search agent which
will send you an e-mail every morning with everything posted the day before
for your criteria. I am seeing multiple postings on a daily basis for both
Powerbuilder and Sybase (ASE, ASA... etc.) in the northeast USA and

These sites are all free and many offer a whole range of job search
resources like help in resume writing, tips on how to land an interview and
salary range statistics for skill-set, experience-level and geographical
location. The resume writing usually comes with a price but most everything
else is free.

I just signed a contract last week in NY for a spot when someone contacted
me after seeing my resume on Monster.com.

Good luck and good hunting!